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What to wear & bring?

How often should I come to yoga? It is important to find a frequency of practice that is neither too much, nor too little. Try to attend at least two classes per week. This will help you to develop a rhythm in your practice & retain the yoga postures in the body’s cellular & muscular memory. Make a habit of supplementing your classes with some gentle Asana practice at home.

What to wear & bring? Comfy clothes like leggings or tracksuit bottoms are good for the main section of a regular class, we practice yoga barefoot, possibly bring a blanket or nice warm clothes & socks for relaxation. For hot yoga or classes you will sweat in, wear sweat-wicking clothing that doesn't hinder movement.

Wear clothing that will not reveal your private parts when you are upside down or drenched in perspiration. Check your clothing doesn’t become see-through when wet & that it holds you in. Being distracted by ill-fitting clothes is annoying for you. A hand towel is good for sweaty hands & climbers-chalk is a good idea for hands that keep slipping - we sell that.

Yoga mats? Buy your mat from us, at your first class for £20 or bring your own. Mats are supplied at the studio for you to borrow.

Equipment? We have a good selection of bolsters, blankets, zafus, blocks, bricks, eye-bags, cushions & straps. Hot yogis will need a towel - we sell mat towels, ask us about them.

Please avoid eating for two hours before class, however a light snack up to half an hour before is fine. Drink plenty of water after class.

Our downstairs props cupboard has warm blankets & folding blankets, bolsters, cushions, zafus, bricks, blocks, straps, sandbags & eyebags for 20 people.

Any Other Questions?

Please email us with any questions & book your classes online, we look forward to meeting you.

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